Mubiquo provides mobile marketing solutions that power and enhance M-business and M-communications

The best practices across relevant marketing to mobile

The M Platform

Increase the effectiveness of your mobile channel with targeted messaging, location and proximity relevance.

Campaign Manager

Targeted and engaging communications. Location and Proximity Marketing. iOS, Android, Web Push, Chatbots and SMS.

Locale Manager

Remote APP configuration with Locale management. Go global and manage App lifecycle efficiently.

M Commerce SDK

Cross Platform Mobile Commerce Frontend.

Integrates with: IBM e-business, Oracle ATG/Hybris, eBay enterprise or custom backends. Scan & SHOP via AR, QR, Barcode scanner component.

Main Features

Discover the many features that make the MUBIQUO's M Platform a unique marketing tool.

GPS & Beacon Smart Geofencing

Set software single, group and beacon triggered geofences without limits, keeping the most relevant geofences to your mobile users all the time.

CRM Integration

Respond and communicate realtime triggered by your e-business/CRM events through our Restful API.

Message Center

Render in-app messaging view with user communication history.

Watch App Message Center

Extend Message Center to Smartwatches. Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble supported.

App Connect

Make your Newsletters, Facebook and Twitter Content Smart enough to open the App rather than the web browser.

Local Time Delivery

Set campaigns in any language, charset and time zone behaviour, making alerts at the right time no matter where your mobile users are.

GA Integration

See how all your marketing operations are generating app activity within your pre-existing analytics solution. Prevent data fragmentation to different panels.

DateTime advisor

Get estimated day of week and time for best possible results.

Custom tags

Behaviour segmentation. Tag your mobile user activity with custom tags so that audience targeting becomes the most relevant for your business needs.

Rich Media & Deep Linking

Engage with rich media or text depending on your communication needs. Set in-app view deeplinked content, out of the app content or specific campaign content of any type.

User Permissions

Set permission level for: message creativity only, campaign definition only, campaign approval + execution. Enable agencies and marketeers to do what they need to do only.

Solid Campaign Test

Enforce tests before campaign approvals and optionally force test to Staging Bundle ID Apps previous to broadcasting Live Apps when needed.

Testimonials & Recognitions

MMA Global Mention for m·Commerce for MANGO

“The MMA Global Smarties Awards Program inspires the industry to reimagine their marketing strategies with mobile at the helm and move the needle for mobile marketing creativity, innovation and effectiveness," ... “Even more so we are seeing mobile transform businesses to bring brands and consumers closer than ever before.”


Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer, MMA

Apple TV Spot showcases MUBIQUO

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Apple TV

L’illa Diagonal Marketing Director comments on MUBIQUO

“L'illa Diagonal is really happy with the service provided by MUBIQUO. The M Platform exceeds by far all other mobile marketing tools I have dealt with. Thanks to the M Platform we have a higher mobile engagement of our customers, allowing us to see reach themwith relavance executing targeted campaigns and geofences.”

Andrés Torres, Marketing Director, L’illa Diagonal

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